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NEW! Notes for Clarification (2024)

New notes are released and are available in English and Spanish! In addition, former notes have all been translated into Spanish and are available!

Access them in the Environment Rating Scale (ERS-3) Notes for Clarification Section below. 



The Environment Rating Scales (ERS) project at Clayton started in 2004 as part of the Research and Evaluation Department and is now part of the Coaching & Training Department. The Quality Advancement Team are State Anchors for the Environment Rating Scales - they are your local ERS experts.

The Quality Advancement Team (QAT) is trained annually to become anchors by The Environment Rating Scale Institute (ERSI) in North Carolina (authors of the scales). Click here to learn more about the authors of the scales and view additional resources on their website. ERSI provides national-scale resources, while the Quality Advancement Team provides state-specific information. In addition to providing products and services to our ECE communities, a large part of a Quality Advancement Specialist's role is to maintain the Colorado Shines assessor's reliability in the Environment Rating Scales.

Contact the Quality Advancement Team
This email will connect you with the Quality Advancement Team where you can ask ERS questions.



Environment Rating Scale Resources

Click on the links below to access Environment Rating Scale resources. 

Environment Rating Scale (ERS-3) Notes for Clarification

Every year new notes for clarification for all scales will be released July 1st. These notes are clarifications we receive from the Environment Rating Scales Institute (ERSI) throughout the year and are modified to be in printable, sticker form. We also have included some notes to align with regulatory agencies in Colorado. 

Click on the links below to access the notes for clarification. 

2023 Notes for Clarification

  • The 2023 Notes for Clarification are all in one document and includes all of the scales (ECERS-3, ITERS-3, and FCCERS-3), you can select what pages you would like to print to get the notes for a specific scale, or print the entire document to have the updates for all three scales.

Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - Third Edition (ECERS-3)

Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale - Third Edition (ITERS-3)

Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale - Third Edition (FCCERS-3)


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