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Clayton Campus Community

The Clayton campus is home to several other organizations! We are fortunate to share our space with organizations dedicated to serving the Denver community and Colorado as a whole. To learn more about each of their missions, click on the dropdown box below:

  • Developmental FX

    Developmental FX works to transform the lives of children who have neurodevelopmental disabilities and mental health challenges so that they can live to their fullest potential; to serve as a resource to families, educators, and other care providers by offering them the tools to understand and administer to the complex, individual needs of each child; and to share our knowledge and change the landscape of what transformative care looks like for children who are non-neurotypical and their families – locally, nationally, and globally.

  • Financial Health Labs
    Financial Health Labs

    Financial Health Labs is dedicated to researching factors that impact or influence personal and organizational financial health. Utilizing the latest in learning theory, behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience research as it applies to live, distance or digital learning, FHL was developed to explore innovative solutions and educational programming in the field of financial health. FHL is located in the garden level of the 3601 building.

  • Garfield Montessori
    Garfield Montessori

    Garfield Montessori School founded in 1983, is a full member of the American Montessori Society, Colorado Montessori Association, and licensed by the state of Colorado for 50 children, ages 2 ½ through 6. GMS is classic Montessori with mixed-aged classes. Dr. Montessori believed that when children at various stages of development learn from and with each other, they form a strong community of learners. The goal of our Montessori program is to nurture the whole child by meeting each child’s unique intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. With the guidance of our certified Montessori teachers, children develop excellent living and learning skills. Garfield Montessori is located in the 3617 building.

  • La Cocina
    La Cocina

    La Cocina is a purpose-driven multicultural and multilingual community codesigned mental health agency leading Latinx health equity and social justice in Colorado. Their services are aimed at reducing inequities in mental health care by creating opportunities and generating offerings for Latinx families and communities to come together and heal through culturally attuned social-emotional support services in Spanish or bilingually (Spanish-English).

  • Montessori Education Center of the Rockies
    Montessori Education Center of the Rockies

    MERC has been a Montessori teacher training center since 1978. Our mission is to prepare adults for careers in education by offering courses leading to American Montessori Society certification. The teacher courses range from the infant and toddler level to upper elementary. We also provide a Montessori Administrator course and opportunities for professional development. Most of the teacher training happens over eight weeks in the summer. For the rest of the year, we hold monthly seminars for our students and several workshops. Located in Building 3975.

  • Public Education and Business Coalition
    Public Education and Business Coalition

    PEBC has grown into an organization with an unrivaled reputation for its professional development model, its publications, and the expertise of its staff. PEBC is headquartered in Denver, CO, and works both locally and nationally. Its Board is comprised of both business executives and school superintendents. PEBC is located on the second floor of the 3993 building.

  • Reach Out and Read Colorado
    Reach Out and Read Colorado

    Reach Out and Read Colorado is a twenty-year old affiliate of the national nonprofit, Reach Out and Read. Serving 4.7 million children nationally and more than 125,000 here in Colorado, we dream of a world where every child can grow up with plenty of books and a love of reading.

  • WorldDenver

    WorldDenver is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to advancing understanding of global affairs and cultures by engaging globally-minded Coloradans in a direct, personal dialogue with each other and with elected officials, civic leaders, and professionals from around the world.