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Kindergarten Transition

During your child’s preschool and elementary years, your involvement in their education can set them on a path to success for years to come. Here are a few things that you as a parent can do to prepare your child for Kindergarten and get their school career off to a great start.

  • Talk to your child’s preschool teacher on a regualr basis
  • Ask the teacher how you can help your child learn at home
  • Monitor T.V. watching
  • Teach good health habits (e.g. eating breakfast, getting enough sleep)

Continue reading to learn more on how to prepare your child and your family before it's time to start school.

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1. Getting Ready for Kindergarten

You are your child’s first – and most important – teacher. In your role as parent, you will provide your child with ongoing guidance from birth and even through young adulthood. Your involvement in their education will show your child that school is important, and your encouragement, guidance, and support will help ensure that your child will succeed in school and in life.

2. Enrolling in Kindergarten

You can create a strong foundation for your child by choosing the right school. Here are some steps you can take to find the best school to meets your child's and family's needs:

  • Start looking at schools the year prior to the Fall your child will start school
  • Look at your choices between public, charter, magnet, and private schools
  • Inquire about special programs related to your childslearning and language and needs

3. Ask Questions

Questions parents should consider asking before enrolling their child into a school:

  • How is the school doing academically?
  • What are children expected to learn in Kindergarten?
  • What is the distance between home and school and how will your child get to school?
  • What are the safety procedures and policies?
  • Is there before and after child care?
  • Can parents visit, and what are the preferred times of day?
  • How can parents be involved in school activities?

4. Preparing Your Child

Reading to your child can be one of the best things you can do to prepare them for the big day. Other good choices are playing music, giving your child opportunities to play with other children, and visiting the chosen school and talking to the teachers.  Watch the video for more ideas on school preparation.

5. Parent Involvement

Being involved in your children's academic career will ahow them that education is important and help ensure their success along the way. Their are many ways you can be involved and provide support - both inside and outside the classroom.

6. Talk to Your Child About School

Early on, start discussing going to school with your child. Talk about the importance of reading and learning with other children, and any other activities they will be doing while they areaway from home and other environments they are used to, such as child care.

7. How You Can Help

Becoming involved in your child's education is one of the best and easiest things you can do. This acknowledges that you care about their education, so they will too.