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As Colorado’s leading catalyst in providing early care and education, Clayton Early Learning is a hub for innovative work in early childhood development. Clayton leverages every facet of early childhood to interrupt the cycle of poverty, cultivate equitable opportunities for children to thrive, and influence a more vibrant future for everyone in our community. Within our comprehensive whole family, whole child perspective, we envision a world in which all children are prepared for school and life. We proudly provide subject matter expertise to illuminate issues impacting Colorado’s youngest children and their families.




How COVID-19 Impacted Child Care in Colorado

Clayton Early Learning conducted a survey of child care programs in Colorado to learn the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their ability to deliver essential services in their communities. The voices we heard add value to many initiatives in the child care sector’s long-term success and the resulting data are being used to inform policy solutions directed at systemic improvement throughout the state. Results came from 172 provider responses in 29 counties across Colorado. Click here to download our full infographic.