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Services & Expertise

Services are available in English and Spanish languages, and we have cultivated relationships and expertise in community early learning as well as Family, Friend, and Neighbor childcare settings. We value both formal and informal learning opportunities for children and customize assessment approaches to reflect the specific needs, goals and objectives of each program.

Early Childhood Assessment 

  • Organizational and community needs-assessments (including assessment of evaluation and data utilization capacity building needs) with recommendations for implementation and practice change
  • Classroom or program observational assessment, reports and consultations for infant through early elementary settings (including the Environment Rating Scales, Classroom Assessment Scoring System tools, playground quality and inspection, and many others) 
  • Comprehensive child, family and teacher assessments using customized combinations of standardized and authentic assessments and program-specific tools, which include data sharing and dialogue within established communities of learning


  • Evaluation planning, design and logic modeling
  • Measurement strategy, selection and development
  • Methodological design, specializing in early childhood education and intervention methods
  • Online and paper surveys, individual and group interviews, developmental and cognitive assessment and screening, document review, observation, coding schemes and secondary data collection·

Database design, data entry and quality verification

  • Statistical analysis (basic to advanced) and data visualization
  • Reporting, presenting and collaboration with media professionals for professional dissemination products


  • Connecting research literature to actionable steps in early childhood settings
  • Conduct literature reviews and annotated bibliographies
  • Support organizations with research and evaluation dissemination and writing
  • Conduct studies to address larger field concerns and questions, such as factors influencing successful transitions to elementary school and components of quality early childhood coaching systems
  • Partner on local and national consortium-level investigations and dissemination

Training and Capacity Building

  • Customized early childhood evaluation and data capacity building with a focus on early childhood data sharing, dialogue, utilization, and system supports
  • Individual and group-based trainings and workshops on quality early childhood assessment, environments, and implementation