Get Ready to Speak Up for Colorado Kids!

Get Ready to Speak Up for Colorado Kids!

Children's Hospital ColoradoClayton Early Learning and Colorado Children's Campaign have teamed up to host the ninth annual Speak Up for Kids advocacy day on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Bringing together new and emerging advocates for kids from across the state, Speak Up for Kids gives an insider view to the policy making process at the Colorado State Capitol—and how everyday people can make a difference. Join parents, healthcare and service providers and other community members to understand the latest issues in early childhood and child health policy, acquire new advocacy skills and talk to lawmakers to ensure the voices of Colorado's children are at the forefront of their minds as they draft, debate and vote on policy.

Speak Up for Kids is an introduction to the practice of advocacy. We especially encourage first-time participants to attend Speak Up for Kids, they stand to gain the most from the experience. If you have attended in the past, please consider recruiting a friend to register, serving as an advocacy coach or advocacy coach assistant or volunteering by contacting Angelique Smith, 303-620-4533. If you have questions about the best role for you at Speak Up 2020, please contact Lauren Gennaro, 720-777-2897.

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