Brantley Leaves Legacy of Growth, Advocacy & Leadership

Brantley Leaves Legacy of Growth, Advocacy & Leadership

As Charlotte Brantley, outgoing president and CEO of Clayton Early Learning prepares to take the next step in her life’s journey, she can feel proud of the tremendous contributions she has made to Clayton, the Educare Learning Network, and the field of early childhood education (ECE).

A nationally recognized leader in ECE, Charlotte celebrates a distinguished 40-year career, marked by successful management of early childhood programs at local, state and federal levels.  Fueled by a genuine passion for the well-being of young children, she drove a long-range vision to position Clayton Early Learning as a statewide nucleus with national influence for all aspects of early childhood education.

During her 13 years as president and CEO, Clayton increased its annual budget by more than 50 percent, from approximately $10,000,000 to approximately $16,000,000, and  the number of children and families directly reached grew significantly. 

Through strategic partnerships with higher education and government organizations, Charlotte helped increase the leadership development and classroom practices of thousands of early childhood professionals who in turn reach many thousands of additional children. She significantly expanded the organization’s focus on early childhood policy and advocacy to help address increased access for Colorado children to high quality programs and services and helped expand Clayton’s influence on the quality of early childhood programs and services at the national level by leveraging relationships with national policy makers and program leaders.

Perhaps most notably, Charlotte stewarded the 20-acre Historic Clayton Campus through substantial enhancement and beautification, adding a state-of-the-art early childhood school and 38-plus garden beds, creating access to healthy produce in an identified Denver food desert, and completing restoration for new occupancy of long-vacant historic buildings.

“Charlotte has brought an unparalleled level of talent and commitment to Clayton Early Learning, and we are deeply grateful,” said Jason Romero, vice president of JP Morgan Chase Bank, and chairman of the Clayton Board of Trustees.  “Charlotte’s vision and dedication has made a profound impact on our organization, and in fact, on the lives of thousands of children in Colorado. While she will be greatly missed, we are fortunate to be well-positioned moving Clayton forward.” 

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