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Preservice and In-service Packages

Elevate is excited to announce our new preservice and in-service packages! All packages are customizable to meet your goals and needs. Directors/owners/school administration, want someone else to plan and facilitate your preservice week(s) or your in-service day? The Elevate Team is ready to support you and create an unforgettable experience for you and your staff! Click the button below to inquire about preservice/in-service packages today! 

ECERS-3™, ITERS-3™ and FCCERS-3™ Certification Training

These courses are an in-depth study of the Environment Rating Scale (ERS) of your choice, these scales were created to assess classrooms using a seven-point scale, from inadequate to excellent levels. During these courses, we discuss the interpretation of specific indicators, the research, and rationale for the requirements, and how the scales are currently used for the Colorado Shines rating system. Each course will have practice video observations, hands-on activities, and will provide suggestions on how to meet the scale’s criteria in different classroom/family home settings. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the scale and develop the skills necessary to complete an observation as part of their certification process. 

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