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External Quality Improvement Services

ECERS-3™, ITERS-3™, and FCCERS-3™ Certification - Available virtually!

ERS Full-day training is a requirement before becoming certified and must have been completed within the last year. This can be completed through Clayton, PDIS, or ERSI. Certification in the Environment Rating Scales provides early childhood professionals with a live opportunity to use the skills gained in training. Being certified shows that you are capable of observing in classrooms using the Environment Rating Scales and that you have additional expertise. The participants will spend a full day with a highly trained Quality Advancement Team member, who will guide them through a three-hour observation and answer questions about observing using the Environment Rating Scale. Participants will score the classroom observation, alongside their QAS team member, discuss scoring rationale, and reach a consensus score following the observation. In order to become certified, they must reach a 75% agreement with the QAS team member’s scores and write a feedback report for the program within two months of the observation. Please note, the participants seeking certification must set up their own observations outside of the program they work in. If a participant needs assistance finding a classroom, they can ask the QAS team to help them find a classroom. This certification is valid for one year, certified observers must go through the certification observation every year after initial certification to maintain certification. If your certification lapses, re-training on the Environment Rating Scale and Awareness will be required. For more information contact the Quality Advancement Team here. To schedule your certification, complete a Certification Request Form


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