Senator Michael Bennet takes time to play and learn at Clayton

Senator Michael Bennet takes time to play and learn at Clayton

APRIL 13 - Senator Michael Bennet visits the Historic Clayton Campus and Educare Denver to see quality early childhood education practices in action and learn more about the long-term benefits that quality services deliver. In addition to speaking with Clayton President & CEO, Charlotte Brantley, Senator Bennet made time to connect with Shelly Anderson (Director, Curriculum & Instruction) about the innovative practices being implemented at Clayton Early Learning. Shelly said, "It was a lot of fun to have Senator Bennet here at Educare Denver - engaging with students, teachers and even rolling up his sleeves for an art project with our students! What made his visit even more exciting is to see a leader like Senator Bennet taking time away from his hectic schedule to connect with organizations like Clayton and to meet the children who represent the future of our Colorado."
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