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Virtual ERS-R Observations

Due to the pandemic and the Colorado Shines Rating going virtual, we realize that coaches may be seeking guidance on how to conduct Environment Rating Scale observations virtually to support providers across the state. If you are a coach wanting to observe virtually, we recommend following the process developed for the Colorado Shines Virtual Rating. The resources below will provide you with the information you need to conduct a virtual observation. If you have additional questions, reach out to the Advancement Team. To review all Colorado Shines Virtual Rating Resources (key ones for coaches are provided below), click here

Here are a few important things to note:

  • During the pandemic, virtual observations completed by a certified coach will be accepted for Demonstrated Competencies. This is a temporary approved process through PDIS to provide flexibility during the pandemic.
  • We do not recommend conducting third edition Environment Rating Scale observations virtually. However, revised versions of the Environment Rating Scale could be conducted virtually, as they are currently for the interim Colorado Shines Rating.
  • Since we were planning to transition to the third editions prior to the pandemic, obtaining certification in the revised versions is no longer possible. However, PDIS will accept the observation for Demonstrated Competencies if the coach is certified in the third edition(s) of the scale. But, this must be aligned with the appropriate scale. For example, a coach certified in ECERS-3, can only conduct ECERS-R observations and a coach certified in ITERS-3, can only conduct ITERS-R observations, etc.


We have developed a virtual ERS certification process for coaches wishing to obtain Clayton ERS Certification in ECERS-3, ITERS-3, and FCCERS-3. 

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