ERS Community Resources

The Environment Rating Scales (ERS) project at Clayton started in 2004 as part of the Research and Evaluation Department and is now part of the Quality Assessment Services Department. The Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) Team are state anchors for the Environment Rating Scales-they are your local ERS experts!

The IRR Team is trained annually by The Environment Rating Scale Institute (ERSI) in North Carolina (authors of the scales). Click the button below to learn more about the authors of the scales and view additional resources on their website. ERSI provides national scale resources, while the IRR Team provides state-specific information. 



The IRR Associates: Laura Lerner, Connie Haberman, and Connie Norton.

ERS Health and Safety Resources

Click on the links below to access Environment Rating Scale health and safety resources. The IRR Team has collaborated with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to create some of the resources below. 

Environment Rating Scale Resources

Click on the links below to access Environment Rating Scale resources developed by the IRR Team! 

Coaches Meetings

Twice a year, the Quality Assessment Services Department provides Coaches Meetings that are free to early childhood professionals across the state. These meetings provide information about the Environment Rating Scales, Colorado Shines, child development, innovations from the field, licensing regulations, and more

Click the date below to view recorded Coaches Meetings from previous sessions held and reference the agenda to see what was discussed. 

  • Topics for this meeting include: Respect, Reflect, Relate: Strength-Based Coaching for Every Provider, Coaches Consortium updates, Trauma-Informed Inclusion, New ERS Notes for clarification reveal, and Ask-A-Rater.


We are currently developing a virtual ERS certification process for coaches wishing to obtain Clayton ERS Certification. We will announce more information soon! 

ERS Questions? Want to schedule your certification? Contact the IRR Team here

The new notes for clarification have been released! Click the button below to access the ERS updates.