Environment Rating Scale Re-Tooling

In collaboration with the Research and Evaluation Department and the Office of Early Childhood, we are preparing our state for the transition from the revised versions of the Environment Rating Scales to the third editions. The expected implementation of ECERS-3 and ITERS-3 as part of the Colorado Shines Rating is July 2020. Since FCCERS-3 was just published June 2019, the implementation of this scale will be delayed to July 2021. This will allow time for our state anchors to be trained and become reliable with the Environment Rating Scale Institute (ERSI), FCCERS-3 training to be developed for coaches and providers, and family home providers and the coaches supporting them to have at least a year to prepare for this transition, as has been offered to centers. Phase one of the re-tooling project is occurring now and entails training credentialed coaches across the state of Colorado in ECERS-3 and ITERS-3, getting them certified in the scales, and developing online training for PDIS. For more information on this project, contact Melissa Swayne at MSwayne@claytonearlylearning.org


  • Click the link above to download a PowerPoint shared at the Coaches Meeting June 2019. This includes differences in the scales (ECERS-3 & ITERS-3) and re-tooling project timelines.


If you participated in the full-day ECERS-3 and/or ITERS-3 trainings offered by OEC/Clayton Early Learning July-November 2019 and have not yet requested certification and wish to be certified in ECERS-3 and ITERS-3, please contact ERSScheduling@claytonearlylearning.org to request/schedule your certification. We will schedule your certification for January or February. You must have attended the full-day training in its entirety during the months noted above to become certified in this round. Get your request in by 12/16/19!