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Environment Rating Scale Re-Tooling

In collaboration with the Office of Early Childhood and the IRR Team, we are preparing our state for the transition from the revised versions of the Environment Rating Scales to the third editions. We are currently training providers and coaches across the state in the new scales-virtually! Due to COVID-19, the Colorado Shines implementation of the third edition of the Environment Ratings Scales (ERS-3) is temporarily delayed. The new implementation schedule for the ERS-3 will be announced when Colorado Shines ratings return to the typical process. For more information on this project, contact Melissa Swayne.




Click the links below to download and view all re-tooling resources, including communication flyers and third edition ERS resources from the IRR Team! 


Half-day FCCERS-3 Provider Training is being offered for FREE January - March 2021. Trainings are being offered during naptime, evenings, and weekends-you only need to register for one training dateTo register for training, click the button below.