Colorado Shines Ratings

We conduct ratings using the Environment Rating Scales for programs and providers across the state, seeking a Level 3-5 for our state’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), Colorado Shines. Additionally, we review all documentation programs and providers submit as part of their rating and assign scores for each of the rating components: Workforce Qualifications and Professional Development, Family Partnerships, Leadership, Management and Administration, Learning Environment/ERS, Child Health, and Optional Points. For more information on
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Colorado Shines Q&A Sessions

The Colorado Shines Question and Answer Sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis for the current month and the upcoming month CO Shines Level 3-5 participants. Registration will be made available by invitation only. This includes providers going through or coming up on a rating, and coaches and council staff that are supporting the program through their rating. Sessions occur on the third Friday of each month from 1 - 2:30 p.m.  The one and half hour session give programs an opportunity to ask members of the Quality Assessment Department clarifying questions related to the indicators, evidence documentation, and the Environmental Rating Scales. Participants can learn from questions other participants ask and are expected to submit specific questions in advance to help guide the content of the meeting. This is provided as additional support for programs participating in the Level 3-5 Rating.


Recorded Q&A Sessions

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Colorado Shines: We are currently developing and will soon be piloting an interim virtual rating due to COVID-19-see the virtual ratings update below for more information. 

Colorado Shines Q&A Sessions: Our August Q&A will not be occurring on the third Friday, as Clayton is closed that day. The new date and time will be Thursday, August 20th, 1-2:30 p.m.