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Qualifications & Roles

Inter-Rater Reliability Associate

What does an Inter-Rater Reliability Associate do? 

Inter-Rater Reliability Associates are highly trained and experienced assessors, they serve a quality control function to Assessment Associates by taking assessors out on observations to ensure they are following observation protocols and scoring with accuracy. Reliabilities are done frequently throughout the year to ensure assessors maintain their expertise. The Inter-Rater Reliability team is the Colorado state anchors in the Environment Rating Scales. To be an anchor, they must go through extensive annual training with the authors of the scales: The Environment Rating Scale Institute (ERSI). This team also serves as a resource to the community by providing external assessment services (observation and playground) and training in ERS, CLASS®, S.A.F.E. Playground, Cultural Competency, best practices, and more! To visit IRR webpages for more information and Environment Rating Scale resources, click here