Qualifications & Roles

Our highly-qualified, diverse staff bring a variety of experiences and a wealth of knowledge to our department and to the work in which they are so passionately invested. Collectively, our department has 266 years of experience in early childhood and…85 years of experience assessing classrooms for quality or reviewing rating data! Many of our assessors transitioned from Qualistar Colorado where they had been conducting Colorado Shines assessment work since the launch of our state QRIS in 2015. The majority of our staff have been classroom teachers and/or program directors in early childhood prior to joining the department. Other roles our staff have held include: Quality Rating Specialist, Peace Core, Licensing Specialist, contracted Child Trends Assessor, ECE Coach, Child Care Referral Specialist, ECE Trainer, Secondary Teacher, Benefits Navigator, and Research Assistant. Our staff come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, many that are representative of the populations we serve in Colorado! We have staff that are fluent in Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, Hungarian, Romanian, German, French, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Swahili.


What does an Assessment Associate do?

Assessment Associates conduct reliable and valid assessments across the state, using nationally recognized scales/tools including: ECERS-R/3, ITERS-R/3, FCCERS-R/3, SACERS-U, Infant, Toddler, PreK, and K3 CLASS®, CPSI, PAS, and more! Assessors contact programs and providers to gather important information about their program and schedule their assessments. They also serve as a point of contact and provide support during the observation window and after. Assessment Associates observe in classrooms following the protocols that are defined and specific to the assessment they are using. Throughout the process, they follow any additional procedures defined by the project for which the observed data is collected. After the observation is complete, Assessment Associates write detailed, factual feedback reports to highlight strengths and possible areas for growth. The feedback reports are intended to help classrooms, programs, and providers with their continuous quality improvement process. Once reports are released to the program, consultations are offered to discuss in-depth the results of what was observed and next steps.


What does a Data Associate do?

Data Associates serve a quality control function to all work being completed in our department. Following strict confidentiality, they ensure data completion and organize and store both electronic and physical data. For Colorado Shines, they review all data that is submitted by programs as evidence for each criteria and determine scores. The scoring goes through several quality control checks before finalization. Data Associates support programs and providers by answering questions about the rating criteria and assisting with the resubmission process. Additionally, our Data Team is responsible for scheduling our projects and the tracking and reporting of department statistics. They also support Assessment Associates in consultations and informational sessions.