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Qualifications & Roles

Our highly-qualified, diverse staff bring a variety of experiences and a wealth of knowledge to our department and to the work in which they are so passionately invested.

  • Collectively, our department has approximately 400 years of experience in early childhood and…200 years of experience assessing classrooms for quality or reviewing rating data! 
  • The majority of our staff have been classroom teachers, family home providers, and/or program directors in early childhood prior to joining the department. Other roles our staff have held include: Quality Rating Specialist, Peace Core, Licensing Specialist, contracted Child Trends Assessor, ECE Coach, Child Care Referral Specialist, ECE Trainer, Secondary Teacher, Benefits Navigator, and Research Assistant.
  • Our staff come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, many that are representative of the populations we serve in Colorado! We have staff that are fluent in Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, German, French, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Swahili.

Quality Assessment Services has several different teams that are dedicated to specific projects or parts of the work. Click on the different roles in our department listed below to learn more about them.