ERS Notes for Clarification

Every year new notes for clarification for all scales will be released July 1st. These notes are clarifications we have received from the Environment Rating Scales Institute (ERSI) throughout the year and modified to be in printable, sticker form. We also have included some notes to align with regulatory agencies in Colorado. 

Click on the scale below to access the notes for clarification. 

Instructions: The "New Updates ONLY" are the most recent notes for clarification for the upcoming school year. If you have a new scale and need all of the notes for clarification that have been added since the start of the ERS Project (2004) including the newest updates download the "All Updates" file.  

Effective date: October 1st, 2018. These are the new notes for clarification for all scales related to the content we have revised due to our collaboration with the health department.

Please note: These notes should replace any of the previous notes for these items and indicators. Please stick/paste these over the top of the existing notes. Additionally, the front covers and all updates notes have changed for each scale to include these changes. Please replace all front covers.

Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale- Revised Edition (ITERS-R)
Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale- Revised Edition (ECERS-R) (NOTE: no 2019 updates)
Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale- Revised Edition (FCCERS-R)
School-Age Environment Rating Scale- Updated (SACERS-U)
New! ECERS-3 Notes for Clarification
New! ITERS-3 Notes for Clarification