Quality Assessment Services

Department members from left to right, front to back: Maria Dolan, Sobia Khan, Danielle Bauer, Michelle McConnell, Colleen Hennessy, Cora Doolittle, Alia McRorie, Tanya Coulter, Melissa Swayne (front), Josh Franklin, Linda Franklin, Crystal Reeder, Thierry Godette, Malie Visser, Jenai Volesky (back)


The Quality Assessment Services (QAS) Department partners with organizations across the state to deliver valid and reliable assessments to help early childhood education programs and providers with continuous quality improvement efforts. We are the vendor for Colorado Shines Ratings and reliabilities, and we also offer a variety of external assessment services. We provide customized assessment projects which typically include project design, scheduling, observation/assessment, feedback reports, and consultation. Our experienced and diverse staff have a passion for high-quality early education and are honored to help make a difference in the lives of young children across the state of Colorado.



The slideshow below shows images from the open house we held on January 10th, 2020. 


Due to COVID-19, we find ourselves in a different world-a virtual one! We are excited to announce several recent innovations to our work including the Interim Virtual Colorado Shines L3-5 Rating 
AND the
Virtual ERS Certification Process!
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