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As we reopen the Educare Denver school, we are committed to learn and lead from a set of values centered around human dignity.

Clayton Early Learning will begin a gradual reopening of its campus, starting with a partial reopening of the Educare Denver school on June 1, 2020.

Red Nose Day grant supports comprehensive early childhood (0-3) mental health programming; the Clayton Early Learning Seed to Stomach Initiative and the Fathers Building Futures Program.

Reopening process to begin June 1. Read more in English and Spanish.

Updated mental health resources to assist families in English and Spanish.

When I tell people I do mental health consultation for children 0-3, often the first question I get regarding my position is, "Do kids that young have mental health problems?" It is not that I don't appreciate the concern that accompanies the question, but it is the wrong question. Yes, I come across some children who need extra attention where their mental health is concerned. But that misses the point. It is not so much that these very young children have mental health 'problems,' but that they have mental health to begin with that people are just beginning to recognize and prioritize.