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Clayton Community Ambassador Program

"The Ambassador Program reminds us that as parents, care givers, grandparents, and community members - we are capable of changing the status quo." - Yvonne Franklin, Parent Ambassador

Are you a passionate individual who wants to make a difference in your community?

Clayton’s Community Ambassador Program highlights the importance of parent leadership with opportunities to practice advocacy in state and federal policy. Head Start and Early Head Start parents participate in specialized training with community partners, network with professionals, and learn the skills needed to become changemakers within their community. Based on our belief that the most influential catalysts for change are those who are directly affected by policy decisions, this unique program empowers parent representatives to communicate effectively with lawmakers, adding an authentic perspective to conversations that impact children and families in Colorado. Members of the program will work with a mentor, and receive family support and stipends.

Contact us with any questions or sign up today by emailing Policy and Advocacy Manager, Kayla Frawley, at or calling 612-281-5971.

We look forward to the positive impact you will have on Colorado’s children and families!