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Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

The mission of Early Childhood Education at Western Colorado Community College, a division of Colorado Mesa University, is to provide developmentally appropriate, high quality learning experiences for students in Early Childhood Education

Self-Study Reflections:
  • The experience was invaluable, providing the opportunity to improve our program by reflecting on current practice and comparing current practice with the NAEYC standards.   The process also allowed us to share what was happening in the early childhood education field with leaders who had not been briefed up to this point.
  • The same illumination happened with the faculty (all of whom are part-time) and our community stakeholders.  Going through the self-study process helped us all realize what constitutes a quality program and gave us clear guidelines for our work.  
  • Involving faculty and the advisory committee in the project helped us self-evaluate our program and also make necessary improvements as we discovered limitations in what we were doing.   Working together made us a strong team.

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Program Contact: Sherry Schreiner

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