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Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

The mission of the TSJC Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program is to provide all early learning professionals the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to implement quality early education while fostering the professional’s career opportunities and responding effectively to the workforce needs of our diverse communities

Self-Study Reflections:
  • Awareness of the ECE Program increased on the part of college faculty and administration.
  • The opportunities for professional development were definitely among the biggest benefits.  Gaining knowledge about innovative ways to accommodate student needs was also very helpful. 
  • Learning from other ECE Faculty Coalition members has been invaluable; we need to continue meeting to exchange ideas and strategies.



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TSJC Enrollment data

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CCCOnline Enrollments through TSJC

CCCOnline Enrollment through TSJC

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Program Contact: Sadie Burns

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EC students presenting assignments

EC students presenting assignments