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Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality learning atmosphere where students are actively involved in each class setting. The Early Childhood Education faculty is dedicated to facilitating a learning environment that respects the diversity of students, teaching to the learning style of individual students, and assisting students to develop the knowledge and skills required of an Early Childhood professional.

Self-Study Reflections:
  • The process was a long journey with its ups and downs. The process raised awareness of many areas that needed long-overdue attention, and in several cases, an overhaul in the way we conducted day-to-day processes. Courses, syllabi, the ECE website, marketing information, creating a seamless process for gathering information, improving communication and course delivery at the branch campuses, updating and improving the ECE Student Handbook, and so much more were addressed and resolved.
  • Collaboration across colleges was the highlight. Many hours were spent working with colleagues at other programs creating rubrics for lesson plans, networking on a variety of community activities and writing and proofing criterion. We continue this process.

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Program Contact: Rosemary Breckenfelder

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EC students working on assignments

EC students working on assignments