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Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

Aligned with the college’s mission, vision, and strategic plan, the Early Childhood Education program exists to educate and train early learning professionals, providing them with the core knowledge and standards that bridge 21st Century expectations, embrace quality measures, and exceed industry standards.  Comprehensive early childhood education and training will be available to all early learning professionals.

Self-Study Reflections:
  • The self-study gave us a supported opportunity to authentically and thoughtfully reflect on our program’s purpose and passion.  We have been able to take a planned approach, with both breadth and depth, to implementing a high quality teacher training program at the Associate degree level. This accreditation project raised the standards of education and ensured our program’s accountability to our students, the college, and the community.     
  • This project enabled our entire ECE department (full-time and adjunct faculty, administrative staff and college leadership) to collaborate on a clearly defined goal.  It allowed us to implement new ideas that might otherwise have been too risky in financially challenging times.  This project raised ECE’s profile on campus and emphasized a standard of excellence across disciplines.  We have aligned our department’s operations to that of our college. 

Pikes Peak Enrollment Data

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CCCOnline Enrollment through PPCC

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Program Contact: Michelle Bender

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EC students working on assignments

EC students working on assignments