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Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Otero Junior College (OJC) Early Childhood Education (ECE) program is to provide students and professionals with the skills necessary to implement best practices in working with young children and their families.

Self-Study Reflections:
  • The process gave us an opportunity to take a hard, comprehensive look at our program.  We found areas where we excelled and areas where we needed to improve. We learned a lot and feel that our program is more rigorous and better for the experience.  Every time a new assignment is written or an old assignment is tweaked we look at and consider whether we are meeting the standards. 
  • The ECE program accreditation process is being cited as an example of teaching, learning and assessment across our campus.  It is exciting to be invited to speak at different campus groups about what we learned, where we are headed, and why we are going in this direction. 

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CCCOnline Enrollment through OJC

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Program Contact: Tami Stephenson

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