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Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to be “Where Careers Begin” by setting the standards for education and training to enhance career competencies, employability, and the well being of our students and community. Our commitment and dedication to excellence ensures quality through innovation and vision.

Self-Study Reflections:
  • The self-study moved us to complete tasks we had identified as priorities, rather than just talking about them.
  • Specific changes that occurred as a result of the process included adding NAEYC standards to our syllabi and lesson plans; establishing a textbook lending library program for students; making new resources and materials available to the faculty; adding solely online classes; revising the advisement process to include articulation to two- and four-year programs; adding math and English remediation classes; training teachers to increase the use of technology in their classroom; and adding rubrics to assignments to clarify what is expected.
  • The methodical review, probing, and improvement planning raised the bar for our entire faculty.  Additionally, the structure of the program improvement process provided a clear blueprint about how to incorporate new ideas and take the steps necessary for improvement and accomplishment.

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