Early Childhood Education Program Mission Statement

The mission of the ECE Online program is to provide quality online course opportunities to the Colorado Community College Early Childhood Education student. CCCOnline offers students an online alternative or an addition to campus-based ECE courses. 

Self-Study Reflections:
  • The self-study identified an opportunity to improve coordination with external (outside of the community college system) groups/requirements.  Great care was taken to incorporate CO academic standards for PreK-3 in all pertinent ECE courses.  Each redeveloped course also incorporated requirements for students to consider special needs and second language children.  Evidence-based practices were stressed as well as proper writing and research techniques.  The emphasis on these areas improved the skills of the ECE student as well as their depth of knowledge in best practices.
  • Teaching practices toward low academic ability students and our own second language students were also highlighted as areas for improvement.  This challenge was addressed through faculty professional development, which led to changes in course design. Technology was also stressed in each redeveloped course.  This meant that the ECE instructors themselves had to expand their technology expertise.    
  • The process engaged faculty in a collaborative effort that they found rewarding and enjoyable.  The faculty became a tighter group dedicated to a common purpose.

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