Environment Rating Scales (ERS)

Helping good teachers become extraordinary teachers is a vital component in improving early care and education for Colorado's youngest children.

Experts agree that a child's early years are dramatically impacted by the quality of care and teaching that he or she receives in an early education setting. Colorado’s leaders are committed to ensuring that all children in our state have access to high-quality care and education. This commitment to improving quality care has resulted in increased use of the Environment Rating Scales (ERS), which are tools for measuring the quality of classroom environments. These tools can be used for a variety of quality improvement purposes including research and evaluation.

In order to use the ERS effectively, it is important that individuals use them in a consistent or reliable manner. Our Environment Rating Scales system is committed to providing the training needed to ensure that a pool of reliable and certified experts are available to early childhood programs, state and local leaders, funders and other early childhood stakeholders across Colorado. For a list of available, certified raters, please see the Certified Rater Chart. Click the ERS Training button below for a listing of trainings provided by Clayton Early Learning.

We extend a special thanks to the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation, a long-time supporter and funder of the Environment Rating Scales system.