Xcel Volunteers Make a Difference at Clayton

On Saturday, September 10, the Historic Clayton Campus served as one of many volunteer sites for Xcel Energy's annual Day of Service.

Volunteers broke out into teams that worked throughout the campus on projects like weeding, planting trees, playground cleanup, garden maintenance and more.

Dispite the hard work assigned to each volunteer group, there was no shortage of fun that afternoon. Many Clayton staff and Xcel volunteers bring thier families to participate in the Day of Service, which gives everyone an opportunity to make new friends as they support a great community cause. Clayton staff member Craig McKey explains, "I brought my wife with me because she knows how important my work is to me and she wants to be involved. This isn't a regular work day for me. It's a fun way to get together with my friends, family and co-workers to do something for our community."

By the end of the day, each volunteer felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and community connection, while the campus gleamed with pride and care.

"We're always astounded at the amount of work that can be done when we get a team like this on our campus," said Karyn Andrus, Senior Director of Operations at Clayton Early Learning. "We are grateful to Xcel for all of the hard work that they did here today, but also for the chance to bring new people to our campus and tel them about what we do. That's maybe the best part of this - we get to welcome new friends to the Clayton community."

This was Clayton's fourth year to serve as an Xcel Energy Day of Service site.

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