Xcel Energy Day of Service at Clayton Early Learning

Clayton Early Learning, a leader in early childhood education, research and training, is proud to have participated in the Xcel Energy Day of Service that was held on Saturday, September 12.

In its 5th year, Xcel Energy Day of Service organized nearly 3,000 volunteers across Colorado who supported service projects benefitting nearly 60 nonprofit organizations.

Clayton Early Learning Vice President of Development, Sarah Berkman, said “The support that we receive each year from Xcel Energy and the Day of Service volunteers is remarkable. I am consistently amazed at how much the volunteers are able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, and we are incredibly grateful that Xcel Energy Colorado continues to promote our organization as a service site to their outstanding network of staff and community volunteers.”

Of the thousands who participated on September 12, over 100 were divided between Educare Denver and the Clayton Early Learning School at Evie Dennis Campus in Far Northeast Denver. Volunteer teams at both schools were assigned to projects such as tree installation and general landscaping. At the Far Northeast school, volunteers also supported building projects resulting in new outdoor learning environment features such as a sensory wall, sandbox, new garden bed, problem solving wall and mud kitchen.

“The mud kitchen,” explained Clayton Project Manager, Karyn Andrus, “is an outdoor feature where children can experiment with a variety of natural materials and textures and where it’s completely okay to get messy! Imagine a kitchen where, as a child, you could make the ultimate mud pie using ingredients like pine cones, stones, sticks, sand, spoons, spatulas and pans of all kind. The mud kitchen is a great way for children to use their imaginations, develop fine motor and collaboration skills. It may only look like fun, but there’s also a lot of learning that happens in this hands-on learning area.”

To learn more about Xcel Energy Day of Service and additional projects that were supported by volunteers on September 12, click here.    



Clayton Early Learning President and CEO Charlotte Brantley can be reached directly at 303.398.8578 or cbrantley @ claytonearlylearning.org.



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