Vroom Event at Children’s Museum at Marsico Campus

On Saturday, October 1, Clayton Early Learning will join Vroom and anchor partner Parent Possible at an exciting kick-off event at the Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus.

Vroom and Parent Possible are collaborating with a group of organizations committed to sharing information about parent engagement and early learning to drive a culture shift around early brain development. The partnership is designed to forge opportunities for early learners by engaging with teachers, childcare providers, civic leaders, principals, and families, to improve access to information about promoting healthy brain development in children across Colorado.

Based on the premise that every child is born with enormous potential and that every parent has the ability to help them realize that potential, Vroom has developed 1000+ free tips that are easy, interactive things parents can do in the time they already share with their children that don't require additional time or money. 

As part of its work in Colorado, Vroom has partnered with the Children's Museum of Denver to incorporate brain building messaging into untapped places around the museum. Vroom prompts at water fountains, stairs, lockers, and more to help remind parents that every moment can be a brain building moment.