Secretary Duncan tours Clayton to see high-quality ECE in action, promotes preschool expansion

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited Mr. DeShawn Burk’s Preschool Classroom at Clayton Early Learning for play and learn time and even some dancing before the Preschool for All Town Hall began. With over 250 early childhood experts on our historic campus, Secretary Duncan and state leaders talked about the importance of investing in high-quality early childhood education and the President’s Preschool for All proposal.  [More Information]

The proposal aims to help states improve quality and expand access to home visitation, early childhood development for infants and toddlers, and extend high-quality preschool for four year-olds. The birth to five approach recognizes that high quality early childhood experiences are crucial to success in kindergarten and beyond. To learn more about the proposal and recent polling on the initiative, visit

For a short clip of the Town Hall, visit (link courtesy of the Denver Preschool Program).