Report finds childhood success falls along racial lines in CO

A recent Annie E. Casey Foundation policy report, Race for Results, unveils how children are progressing on key academic and life milestones across racial groups at the national and state level. The report indicates that non-Hispanic white children in Colorado fare best, while black or African-American children in Colorado fare worst. Hispanic and American Indian children are also significantly worse off than non-Hispanic white children.

"Not everybody sees the world in exactly the same way," says Charlotte Brantley, President and CEO of Clayton Early Learning. "And yet, we know that everyone's child needs to be prepared for a more formal school setting by the time they go to kindergarten or first grade." Brantley highlights the importance of parent support and guidance in children’s learning – which today, requires an awareness of and respect for different cultural expectations. Read the full article here.

The results also show that differences in child well-being tend to be larger in Colorado than they are nationwide. In fact, the gap in child well-being between Colorado’s non-Hispanic white children and our Hispanic children is one of the widest in the country. Children of color already make up 43 percent of the child population in Colorado, and population projections show they will likely be the majority among Colorado kids in fewer than 10 years – and will one day make up the majority of our state’s workforce. They play a tremendously important role in Colorado’s future, and it’s important that we provide them – and all Colorado children – with the support they need to reach their fullest potential.