CCCAP Changes bill moves forward with bipartisan support.

“Colorado Child Care Assistance Program Changes” legislation (HB14-1317) passed the House Public Health Care and Human Services committee with bipartisan support on March 18th – a critical first step in the legislative process. The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) is a vital tool designed to promote healthy development and school readiness while supporting parents in becoming self-sufficient through education, work, and job training. Yet these goals are compromised by the lack of investment and burdensome administrative processes that make it challenging for low-income families to keep child care benefits. “The recession drastically reduced families’ incomes to the point that now more than 1 in 5 children in Colorado under age 6 live in poverty. Over that same time, we have seen fiscal support for CCCAP decline by millions of dollars,” said Charlotte Brantley, President and CEO of Clayton Early Learning. “Basically, in our greatest time of need, our investment in the program has decreased by 17% over the past 5 years. As our economy continues to improve, increasing our investment is a critical, but not the only step in supporting continued employment of parents, and children becoming better prepared for kindergarten.”

Affordable child care should support—not inhibit—working parents’ efforts to find and to keep good jobs, to move forward in their careers, education, and achieve financial stability. Unfortunately, the low supply and high cost of child care in Colorado denies many working families access to this vital need. Colorado ranks among the most expensive states nationwide for the cost of child care.

Learn more about the innovative changes proposed for CCCAP that would help keep our economy moving by supporting working parents and ensuring more Colorado kids have access to stimulating experiences in this CBS4 Interview featuring the talented staff and children of Clayton Early Learning!