The 14-15 Class of Buell Fellows Present Work and are Honored in Capstone Celebration

The fire has been lit, and as our 2015 graduates continue on their leadership journey, I know that they will keep it burning brightly.
Lynn Andrews, Co-Director of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
Clayton Early Learning

The 2014-2015 cohort of Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Fellows will celebrate their completion of this prestigious post-graduate program on Saturday, June 6. In celebration of this achievement, each of the seventh cohort’s Fellows will present an overview of the capstone project that they must complete as a synthesis of the program coursework.

Each capstone is based on a critical issue that the Fellow has identified as a challenge in the field of early care and education. The Fellows use a community–based action research framework to better understand the issue from the perspective of those whom it affects and to collaborate with those stakeholders to identify and plan possible solutions.

While Clayton Early Learning offers due congratulations to each and every Fellow in this year’s cohort, we proudly recognize three Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Fellows who are also members of the Clayton staff; LaShawn Love, Lydia McKinney and Linda Malloy.

Please share in our celebration and read a brief description of the critical issues that these three Fellows identified and explored throughout the journey of their capstone experience.

LaShawn Love, Education Mentor Coach
Clayton Early Learning

Critical Issue: Young children’s ability to self-regulate in early education settings impacts a child’s development, school readiness, academic achievement and lifelong love for learning. Often, the challenging behaviors demonstrated by some children can impact not only that child’s school experience, but also the experience and engagement of their peers, as well.

Lydia McKinney, Lead Teacher
Clayton Early Learning

Critical Issue: As Colorado’s systems and standards for early childhood education continue to rapidly expand and evolve, field professionals lack a centralized, support network where they can collaborate, exchange and reflect with a large association of likeminded professionals.

Linda Malloy, Research Associate
Clayton Early Learning

Critical Issue: Colorado’s early education community must develop a consistent training strategy to ensure that all ECE coaches can effectively use the Environment Rating Scales (ERS) tool in early education program assessment practices.

Congratulations to all of the 2014-2015 Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Fellows and best wishes to the incoming class of 2015-2016, who will begin their journey on June 5.

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