Discoveries that Impact Children's Future Success

Our research is a powerful tool that helps us uncover and evaluate the most effective practices for preparing young children for later academic success. In addition to conducting rigorous research and evaluation on our own programs, we evaluate other early childhood education programs, and help educators use data to improve program quality and guide their work with children. Clayton Early Learning also serves as a statewide resource to ensure that validated measures of early childhood education environments are used in a scientifically appropriate way.

All of our work is guided by a commitment to identify results that can lead to better outcomes for young children. Our efforts are informed by both the history of Clayton Early Learning in providing direct services to children and families, and by our role in program and professional development for the greater Denver early childhood education community. These on-the-ground experiences have given us a thorough understanding of the early childhood education landscape in the Denver metro area.

Over the years, we have developed productive working relationships with early childhood education programs to facilitate research and evaluation activities that minimize burden on providers, provide them with results they can use in their classrooms and with their families, and contribute to knowledge and best practice in the field of early childhood education. In addition, we have been privileged to participate in several research and evaluation consortia of national scope, including the Early Head Start Research Consortium, the Head Start University Partnerships for Curriculum Development Grantee Consortium, and the Educare Learning Network. As a result, we are in a unique position to bring the best thinking and most current research findings from around the country to our work at the local level.