Help Me Learn

Where do young children learn the most?

  • Playing on a nearby playground?
  • Taking a trip to the store?
  • Drawing scribbles on a piece of paper?
  • Snuggling together to read a favorite book?

In fact, each of those opportunities are learning opportunities. Research has proven that there is no "best" place for our youngest children to learn. Every day, every hour, they are learning and growing in front of our eyes, and every new experience has the opportunity to foster a love of learning for life. The tools to provide hundreds of learning opportunities for an infant, toddler or preschooler daily are already present in every home.

Every adult who cares for young children can be their teacher. Whether you are a parent or caring for the child of a relative or neighbor, Clayton Early Learning has created simple, fun and educational activities you can use with your child to provide memorable learning experiences today and every day.

Help your child learn. My child is:

An Infant

A Toddler

A Preschooler