Systems Building

A key element of success within Colorado's Early Childhood Community is the ability to cultivate both public and private partnerships. These collaborations extend our work far beyond the Clayton Early Learning Campus. Our staff participates in citywide and statewide coordinating and policy boards where their expertise and leadership helps shape the evolution of early childhood education policy. Clayton Early Learning staff serve on the following boards and committees:

  • Colorado Coaching Consortium
  • Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission (appointed by the Governor)
  • Colorado Preschool Program Advisory Committee
  • Colorado Early Childhood Professional Development Advisory Council
  • Denver's Early Childhood Council
  • Denver Great Kids Head Start Policy Council
  • Denver Preschool Program Board of Advisors
  • Denver Preschool Program Evaluation and Providers Committees
  • Early Childhood Universal Application Subcommittee of the Government Data Advisory Board (appointed by the Governor)

In addition to our engagement with these local and statewide groups, Clayton Educare School works with over 80 different partner agencies and organizations to provide services to its Head Start and Early Head Start children and families.