The Critical Importance of
Developing Young Minds

Well–documented research on human brain development shows that the prenatal-to-5 period offers the highest potential for development, as well as the highest risks. Children from low-income homes often start school lagging far behind their more advantaged peers and never catch up. The statistics below show what a profound impact this gap can have on later academic success and life.

  • Only 52.8% of all high school students graduate in Denver County.
  • Our state continues to import talent rather than cultivate our own. Colorado ranks high (4th) for adults with post-secondary degrees, yet ranks 47th for high school graduates who go on to obtain a college degree.
  • Since 2000, the number of children living in poverty in Colorado has grown faster than any other state.
  • Children in poverty are:
    • Half as likely to have access to preschool
    • Significantly less likely to be at grade–level in reading, writing and math
    • One–third more likely to experience learning disabilities and developmental delays

The unique approach of Clayton Early Learning has proved successful in closing achievement gaps for children who need it most. Furthermore, by addressing all of a child’s developmental domains, we not only improve school success, but also help reduce dropout, teen pregnancy and crime rates. Along with a growing number of supporters in business, philanthropy, health care and government, we are deeply committed to the notion that allocating dollars to prevention rather than spending them later on remediation is a wise choice. In fact, research shows that every $1 invested in high-quality, pre-kindergarten education saves taxpayers up to $7.