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Get Your Preschooler Talking With These 15 Questions


Candice Leary-Humphrey


When parents pick their child up from preschool, there are two questions that are most prominently heard as they eagerly greet children: “How was your day?” or “What did you do today?”

Unfortunately, this type of inquiry rarely results in the kind of discussion that parents are seeking. In fact, many preschoolers respond with “I don’t know/can’t remember” or “Uh, nothing.”

While open ended questions are a great way to learn more about children’s feelings, ideas and experiences, these end-of-day questions are typically too broad for a child to really engage in; especially if they are hungry or tired. Unless the child’s day included something very out-of-the-ordinary, it can be difficult for kids to immediately recall and report out on the day’s activities, which can be a real road block for parents who are seeking and engaging conversation with their young learner.

These fifteen questions are a bit more specific than ‘how was your day,’ but can prompt answers that will effectively tell parents all about the child’s activities and experiences for the day.

Try using just a few of the questions to start and follow the child’s lead in extending the conversation.

  • What is your favorite color? Did you see or use that color today?
  • Who did you play with today?
  • What book(s) did you read today
  • What was something funny that happened today?
  • Were there any parts of your day that were ‘blah?’
  • Did you have to use a pencil/marker/crayon/paintbrush today? What did you do with it?
  • Who is the first person that said ‘hi’ to you today?
  • Who was the first person that you played with?
  • What was your classroom job today? Which job is your favorite/least favorite to have?
  • What is the most special thing to you in our home? Is there anything at school that is most special to you?
  • Who is the nicest person that you know?
  • What is your favorite place in your school/classroom?
  • Is there anyone in your class that you’ve never played with before?
  • What was the easiest thing that you did today?
  • What was the hardest thing that you did today?

Do you have ideas to share with parents about questions that are great conversation starters with kids? Please share your suggestions or experiences