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Do You ‘Eat a Rainbow’ Everyday? March is the Month to Start!


Kristen Wilford-Adams

Clayton’s Health and Disabilities Specialist, Kristin Wilford-Adams, welcomes our readers to celebrate National Nutrition Month by ‘eating a rainbow’:

today i ate a rainbow dot com

March is National Nutrition Month and the Clayton Community is celebrating by “Biting into a Healthy Lifestyle”. Clayton staff and families want to encourage everyone to enjoy all the wonderful colors, textures, and flavors that eating nutritious and delicious whole foods provides. So let’s all challenge ourselves not only this month but every month to eat as many bright and colorful fruits and vegetable as possible…let’s try and Eat the Rainbow!

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many songs about rainbows? Because they're amazing and beautiful—not just in the sky, but also on the dining table! "Eating a rainbow" helps your body get a complete range of nutrients and can also make mealtime more enjoyable for even the pickiest of eaters. Wondering what it means to “eat a rainbow” or not sure how to do this at home?  Here are some easy steps and reminders to help make every plate as colorful as possible:

  • When meal planning and grocery shopping, try to choose a variety of different colored whole foods to eat throughout the day and week. The most colorful fruits and vegetables are also the most nutrient dense! Looking for an easy, colorful and nutritious snack? Try carrots, broccoli, or red bell peppers with hummus or Greek yogurt dressing. Yum!
  • The more naturally occurring colors on your plate at each meal or snack, the better. Creative use of color on your plate can turn revive your interest in traditional foods. Try reviving your old salad recipe by adding ingredients like strawberries or substitute iceberg lettuce for a more flavorful and nourishing green like arugula or romaine lettuce.
  • Remember artificial colors and dyes found in many processed foods are not a healthful way to incorporate color onto your plate. These foods are mostly comprised of empty calories and have very little nutritional value. Steer clear of candy, juice, soda and fruit flavored snacks so that you can enjoy the natural flavors, vitamins and minerals that whole fruits and vegetables have to offer.

Eating the Rainbow and Biting into a Healthy Lifestyle can give us infinite amounts of energy, keep our bodies healthy, and our minds happy. Here’s to the most wonderful time of the year…NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH!Health-Benefits-of-Eating-a-Rainbow


We want to know what your favorite ‘rainbow recipes’ are! Tell us how you and your family ‘eat the rainbow’ at home in the comments below.