Center of Excellence

In 2010, Clayton Early Learning was designated as one of only 10 Centers of Excellence in Early Childhood across the nation by the Office of Head Start within the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

Designation as a Center of Excellence is allowing Clayton to build on its strengths by more deeply embedding a series of emerging evidence-based practices into its programming and by expanding the means to share these models with other Head Start, Early Head Start and early care and education programs. These practices include:

  • Research-based coaching that emphasizes the analysis and application of child and program quality data to improve the delivery of instruction and other services to achieve targeted child and program outcomes;
  • Delivery of culturally relevant mental health services (screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment) to children and families within a holistic context of support for personal/professional, organizational and community cultural competency development;
  • Delivery of holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to early childhood education and family development services; and
  • Strengthening partnerships with Denver Public Schools to support school readiness outcomes.

These model practices share a common focus on enhancing the quality of staff interactions with eligible children and families, leading in turn, to improved child, family and program outcomes.